Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Now Hiring at Vaspers the Grate

Streight Site Systems, publishers of Vaspers the Grate, Blog Core Values, Corporate Blog Revolution, Stinky Ugly Toys, New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network, and CompuMusik, has several job openings, for January 2007.

Full job descriptions and requirements will be forthcoming soon, but for now, this heads up if you feel you qualify, or know some out of work genius.

Remote, tele-commute, virtual corporation staffing needs:

(1) Web User Observation Test Administrator

(2) Ebook Editor/Designer

(3) Video Services Salesperson

(4) API Marketing Representative

(5) Video Commercial Director

(6) Wiki Administrator

(7) Video Technology Specialist

(8) Web Usability Test Subjects

New experimental, avant garde webcam commercials will be appearing here soon. Other projects are related to web development, telepresencing systems, and ecommerce. Your talents may be useful.

Just look at what I'm doing with Multi Hyper Media, see where your skills, or the skills of your buddy, fit in. Email me your samples, URLs, media citation links, skills, computing level, and salary requirements or per project rates.

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Canopenner said...

Vas, I just wanted to drop a note and say hello.

I currently have 1 too many tech jobs to work.


Have a good day!