Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MyBlogLog sucks

Don't go to MyBlogLog for site statistics. It sucks and it's deceptive. I might even say it's fraudulent, in the sense of using dishonest, non-transparent marketing tactics.

When you feel miserable enough to go to their home page, and also at the About page, there is no mention that MyBlogLog is a freaking 3 day trial, with a Pro version they want you to upgrade to.

The main page of this stupid site just says "Sign Up Now", but absolutely no indication there is an introductory service and a Pro service that costs money.

That's highly deceptive. You should always be upfront about having a paid version. Otherwise, you're trying to trick people into signing up, with the ulterior motive to try to convert members to Pro version.

To sign up for something you think is free, then find out later that the full version is going to cost money, this is hideous. What's wrong with these jerks? Talk about transparency violations.

Look at the email these amateurs just sent me. There is no link to the MyBlogLog site. I have only 7 days to respond to upgrade to a "Pro" account, otherwise there could be disruption in my "archived data". Why? This is extremely stupid.

I had one person want to be my "friend", which is bizarre, since I had nothing in my profile. Not my age, hobbies, profession, location, favorite books, or any of that other social media crap. Totally empty profile, yet someone wants to be my friend. They need to get a life.

I just deleted my entire account, which was pretty much, as I said, nothing.

When a service seems amateur, move on to another one. There are plenty to choose from. I use Google Analytics, it seems to be the best site statistics service out there right now. And it's FREE.


Your MyBlogLog Pro 3-Day Free Trial Has Ended.

We've switched you to the free version of MyBlogLog.

You'll still get some great stats and community features, but not all of them. With a free account your stats are calculated every 24 hours (at midnight on the East Coast of the US). Also, for free accounts we only save your stats data for 7 days.

So if you want to Pro services with no interruption in your archived data, you have 7 days to act. You can switch back to MyBlogLog Pro by logging into MyBlogLog and going to "Account Settings." We accept PayPal for payment.



rafer said...

Good morning Steven, Sorry that we couldn't make you happier. We've been working hard to improve our messaging and make things clearer. Apparently, we're not nearly done yet.

If you have a minute, please reread the note you get immediately upon signing up. What text would you like to see in there that would make the Trial period sufficiently clear so as to be "transparent?" That's certainly what we're striving for.

On the friend issue, our co-founder Eric is MyBlogLog's "Tom" a la MySpace. We've recently added some community features to the service that people seem to like. The rationale is that people use analytics packages to get to know their users better, so let's offer profiles to take that intimacy to the next level.

Once again, sorry we pissed you off. If you can take the time to suggest specific solutions, we'd love it. If not, we'll do our best to get to a satisfactory level anyway and hope you'll give us another try in the future.

steven edward streight said...

I don't want just a note at sign up page.

To avoid the issue of a 3 day trial and paid upgrade, to avoid it on the main home page of your site is a violation of transparency.

Transparency means being upfront.

I will give you usability suggestions and improvement tips.

Email me how much you'll pay me to do so, and maybe we can solve all your problems very swiftly.