Tuesday, November 28, 2006

my narcissistic comment on Peoria Pundit re podcasting

Whither Podcasting by Peoria Pundit.

1. Deleted comment
2. False comment
3. Actual comment split into
4. Fragment comment w/podcast link
5. Convoluted comment fragmentation #2

  1. . [EDITORS NOTE: TEXT DELETED but...it was a valid, and totally nice comment by someone else, not me, with clever remarks about the undeniable benefits of podcasting, good podcasting, but One Hour Shows on local politics?]

  2. Vaspers disagrees. Make it 4 shows of 20 minutes each max. Series it like Peoria Prostitutes and Serial Killers #1, #2, etc. Break it into digestible chunks. Users are very busy, hard to lull, difficult to seduce, unmanageable, in a hurry, multi-tasking, and I do'n't give a dharma, or a damn, I shall keep repeating this truth until I die in disgrace.

  3. V- a%S(p#E*rsT=`hE..]gra_Te[ on November 28th, 2006

    I contradict myself brilliantly in my miserable little post on podcasting that good Peoria Pundit esteems enough to link to, poor misguided chap.

    I end my little harangue of bad podcast practices, saying I gravitate toward podcasting more than video, which until lately, I was championing like a deeply disturbed marketing guru.

  4. http://odeo.com/channel/69821/view
    I have done short sci fi stories (”Hair From Hell”, “Age Reversal Ray”, etc.) and my noisey CompuMusik songs, plus some random ignorant blogology rantings, over at Evan William’s post-Blogger project Odeo.

  5. Forget ROI, most everything’s free nowadays. I use mostly open source and free web services, like free Odeo podcast studio and it even converts your podcast to mp3 for emailing or otherwise hosting or distributing.

    I contradict myself, as usual, because I’m operating on several planes of metaphysics and web analysis simultaneously.

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