Tuesday, November 07, 2006

MSM subverts the democratic process

The mainstream media (MSM) subverts the democratic process in America, via "projections". The "journalist" schmucks actually have the gall to announce as winners the candidate who, according to their "projections" is likely to win.

Here in Illinois, land of total corruption in state and local politics, the MSM announced, with only 11% of the vote in, that Blogoyobitch won, and Topinka lost. Then, an hour later, the results showed Topinka ahead. Then, a few minutes later, they said Topinka gave her concession speech.

This is not democracy. The actions of the media are contrary to free and fair elections.

The USA has no right to try to install democracy in Iraq or anywhere else, when our political system is full of lobbyists, pork, and voting fraud. Just who in the hell do we think we are?

I hate the MSM and want it to hurry up and go to hell where it belongs. And trust me, friends, it really is dying...fast. Just check the bankruptcy rates and severe decline in advertising dollars for radio, TV, and newspapers.

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