Sunday, November 05, 2006

MSM imitates blogospheric crowdsourcing

While they'll never measure up to our rough and tumble blogocombat clobbering, the MainStream Media is grasping for a life raft. As they swirl down a toilet of their own making and design, they think they've latched onto a sturdy rescue rope.


Like when bloggers band together to investigate and expose suspicious political, corporate, and religious twerps. You "source" the expertise and energy of the "crowd", i.e. your readership, audience, members.

Wired News "Gannett to crowdsource news"


Starting Friday, Gannett newsrooms were rechristened "information centers," and instead of being organized into separate metro, state or sports departments, staff will now work within one of seven desks with names like "data," "digital" and "community conversation."

The initiative emphasizes four goals: Prioritize local news over national news; publish more user-generated content; become 24-7 news operations, in which the newspapers do less and the websites do much more; and finally, use crowdsourcing methods to put readers to work as watchdogs, whistle-blowers and researchers in large, investigative features.


Slashdot ("MainStream Media to start Crowdsourcing") asks if they'll be successful. I hope not. I want to see the entire MSM crash and burn. I plan on roasting weenies over the flames. Ah, the stench of incinerated pseudo-journalism, how invigorating first thing in the morning!

My comment on Crowdsourcing "The New (Investigative) Journalism" post:

Without question, this is a seachange in journalism.

It used to be that the MSM strutters were the High Priests of Information and News, but now they're the chumps who push agendas, ala Dan Rather Not Speak the Truth.

They now bend the knee to our populist grassroots whip. They now bow in subjection to the UserProducer. They are groveling and begging us to help them investigate and report.

Is this like the Pentagon asking armed hillbillies to guard their pavilion?

Like Donald Trump imploring you for a few bucks to buy a cup of Starbucks?

Here we come in our flame-proof blogger pajamas: telling the MSM what's going on. How sweet the revenge tastes on my fangs and lips.

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