Thursday, November 02, 2006

Magical Sheep Technorati tag generator

Magical Sheep, a Technorati tool, specifically: an automatic tag generator for blogs.

Before installing any new functionality to your blog, read the buzz. Find out if it's buggy, has poor tech support, does nothing at all, etc. A context specific comment buzz on Magical Sheep appears at the end of the post about it.

Tags are an important new way to index information. I use tags in various ways, for example, in my YouTube videos and in my Blog Revolution (Swicki/Eurekster) custom search engine, see my sidebar. I want to use tags for my blog posts now, I recommend you do so, too.

But tagging is not fully developed.

Notice how one word tags are stupid and worthless. Why one word tags? Stupid. That means tags for my blog would be: vaspers. the. grate. Three separate tags. What would you click on tag "the" for? Very stupid.

Tags should be words or phrases, separated by commas or forward slashes. Like: vaspers the grate, usability, web analysis. Each word, or group of words, ending with a comma and enclosed within commas, are separate tags.

BUY THIS CONTENT as a feature of your blog?

Check out Scoopt and let me know what you think.

First usability mistake I see at first glance: "Sell your video, writing, and photos to the media" is their USP, their big benefit. But that benefit promise, the ability to quickly and easily make your digital work available for purchase by various media, this is displayed, briefly, too briefly, in a Flash animation splash screen embedded, unwisely, in the home page.

With Firefox, I have to click on an activate button, imposed by the browser on the page, to see it bounce around and flash shit at me, which I advise that you do NOT do. Anyway, that main benefit statement is short shrifted. It appears, then disappears. It should be permanently displayed at the top of every page in the site. This is simple Advertising 101.

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Ajit Gupta said...


Here is an article about NHTML-it deals with multiple words tagging simultaneously.

you may find this of interest

Its still in beta, this blog is the closest thing i found to Numerous Hyperlinks. Let me know by commenting on my blog