Tuesday, November 28, 2006

legit plus unknown links comment spam

Here's an obvious example of dubious/dangerous blog comment spam. It's a real life example of crafty, clever, possibly detrimental, and unprofessional "Legit Plus Unknown Links Comment Spam".

This has a seemingly friendly, techie text, but watch out! The first URL is a well-known web site, but the following four or five are unknown to me. I am not willing to take the risk of clicking on these links. I "Reject" the comment, after copying and pasteing part of it here.

You cannot let comment spam slip into your blog. I'm ruthless: if it's got a link, I consider it spam, even if it's from a trusted friend. Why so extreme? Because even allies can goof up and pass a soiled URL to you, unsuspectingly.

Just give me a company name to Google, and I'll do some pre-navigation research on the search results and then decide if I want to consider visiting the possibly malicious or spyware attaching site. I am not (inordinately) paranoid (nor wimpy), but I am al(so)ways no(t) (a) gullible, vulnerable chump (or namby pampy dolt).

I quote only part of the spam message, which was being held in moderation. Rejected.

[QUOTE--with URLs deleted]

Hello Steve

I am looking for a mindmap or visual map for blog's content.

I have seen contents pages, such as, Search By Label [URLs deleted ... along with the rest of the stupid spam or artificial word of mouth, pseudo-blogobuzz, faux-viral message]


Be defiant. Delete and do not publish any of these suddenly swarming spam promotions, that are attempting to use our blogs as message boards.


David said...

As ever, useful nods from you V. Thanks.

steven edward streight said...

David: you're very welcome.

Thanks for expressing your appreciation.

It's hard to know all the time what to blog about, there are so many issues, opportunities, dangers, and problems out there.