Monday, November 27, 2006

How To Deal with People Who Talk Too Much

First, in my obsessive eternal teaching mode, let me state that I was going to title this "Dealing Decisively with Psycho Blabbers", but changed my mind. I figured it would attract more traffic if I cleverly used SEO technique of stating the probable phrase that a typical user might type into a search engine to find info on this topic.

Okay, so I call super aggressive, domineering or bullying, obsessive chatterboxes, who refuse to shut the hell up -- I call them: Psycho Blabbers.

Let me repeat: I'm not making fun of "the gift of gab", salesmen, extroverts, charismatic leaders, drill instructors, teachers, eccentric poets, la la landers, or lecturers.

I'm talking about the boring, narcissistic, exhibitionistic fool who sadistically, and freakishly, inflicts his nutty personality and materialistic bragging -- a faith or unbelief system, a hobby, a political idea, a dietary oddity, a form of government, a sexual quirk, an operating system, a programming language, a movie, a taste in music, a philosophy, a prejudice, or whatever -- on everybody in the universe, indiscriminately, inappropriately, tyrannically, non-stop.

Being an incurably lazy type of over-achieving and inspirational but modest genius, let me also state that a grandiose delusional personality is always involved. My antidote for that self-impressed trait within me is simple self-loathing, auto-parody, and deliberately stupid posts like "Deleting the Entire Internet".

And being a 20 work-day loafer, who nearly never contradicts himself, I must now quit being so original and just lazily quote comments from my related post "Mouth as Weapon", to finish this post.

Seriously, this is a rather important topic, and we are rarely fully prepared when faced with such bizarre psychopathy. Many encounter it around the winter holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's.


Anonymous said...

If you can find a way to effectively combat this type of person, please post it. I am dealing with one of these personalities now... borderline insane... threatens legal action against people who disagree... no concern for others... more than your average asshole. What these people inflict on others really needs to be classified as harassment.

Monday, November 27, 2006 11:13:02 PM

steven edward streight said...

Oh, I have my ways of dealing with it, but I seek a few more myself.

One way is to abruptly, with no explanation, vanish. I did that once or a thousand times.

I myself am a freaking blabbermouth and I have to forcibly subdue myself, to avoid getting an iron skillet on my head repeatedly, WBW (wielded by wife).

Another way is to rise up above it all via weird meditation techniques, but watch out you don't get a demon flying in there.

Still another way is to greet it with a more massive ego treatment. Be even more mouthy. Ruin and wither his oratory. Like St. Stephen, the first martyr, make them "unable to resist the power and wisdom by which he spoke". But alas, he was stoned for it, and I don't mean can can.

I advise NEVER (well, almost never) confronting the person with how boring and selfish they are. I think that will backfire and cause even more disruption, anger issues, and sorrow for everyone.

Generally, total avoidance and shutting them out of your life, is advised as the ultimate solution,whenever feasible and reasonable. The sanity of you and your loved ones is paramount.

You seem to have a curiously dangerous case there, so I strongly advise you to get professional help immediately: cops, lawyers, shrinks, social workers, gurus, whatever you can muster.

Please stay in touch, friend. (See how prolix this reply is? It takes one to know one, sigh...)

Monday, November 27, 2006 11:34:16 PM

steven edward streight said...

I also think these people are beautiful hateful angels sent to us for our training in this saha world.

You must somehow do the illogical and thus spiritual: have compassion on the stupid annoying jerkbag, and wish for his eventual or abrupt Enlightenment and Transformation.

Every enemy must be dealt with appropriately, sometimes violently mentally, but also with some mercy and compassion.

But too many are chumps, with no spine. We must figure out a dignified but decisive solution, before it's too late and someone commits homicide or suicide, which is very probable in too many cases.

Monday, November 27, 2006 11:38:41 PM


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