Sunday, November 19, 2006

Decent Marketing blog abandoned and spammed

Decent Marketing is one of the first business/marketing blogs I ever read. I was quite happy to see a marketer devoted to ethics and morality, which is quite rare. Decent Marketing was also an inspiration for my Blog Core Values, which I need to update more frequently.

Katherine Stone, former director of Coca Cola Experiential Marketing, is the blogger. I emailed her to ask if she was okay.

Notice how the last post is dated February 03, 2006 "A Museum for Condiment Packages". See the number of comments at the last post? 35 comments. But other posts have 1 or 2 comments. Since Katherine does not use comment moderation, and has apparently abandoned her blog, the spammers are hitting it hard.

This is why I urge every blogger to get smart and use comment moderation with delayed posting, and email notification of new comments awaiting moderation. Otherwise, say you go on vacation, or are hospitalized, or something, and for some reason you don't have internet access, or are unable to blog.

This opens the door to spambots, automated programs that seek blogs to befoul with their idiotic ads, linking to dubious, con artist, or malware/spyware attaching sites.

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