Friday, November 03, 2006

clash of cultures

There is much discussion of new economies, new business models, new user-empowerment, new social media. Organizing, archiving, searching, and using information. Folksonomies and knowledge management, information architecture and extreme or agile whatever...

Some are wondering more deeply about intuitive systems and how the brain organizes itself. I read with great delight Rosser Reeves advertising literature classic Reality in Advertising. He reminds us that a human has very limited RAM, or virtual memory, that can be applied to any situation. While there may be many impressions of television commercials, very few strong messages are retained. And a dim awareness of brand does not translate into sales.

So we have tags and feed syndications and email updates (my personal favorite), and the multi media conversations and collaborations are bewildering to mythological non-entities like governments and corporations.

Epistemology and all the other crazy categories of philosophemes may or may not guide us much, but we can see that there are two cultures clashing: the Technological Imperative (what can be made must be made and we must adapt to it) vs. the Power Imperium (what can be controlled, for profit, must be controlled, for our profit, and they must put up with it).

So we lollygag around and whip up mashups and send our clients to Mars, but all we really want to do is be smart and active.

Business as Usual vs. Share Economy

Static Websites vs. Blogs

Multi Hyper Media Blogs vs. Plain Text Blogs

Exhibitionism vs. Altruism

Blogosphere vs. MSM

RIAA vs. Net Labels

Competition vs. Cooperation

Predictability vs. Spontaneity

Enforced vs. Organic

Diversity vs. Conversion By Sword

Peer Trust vs. Marketing Hype

Sell Me vs. Tell Me

Advertise vs. Advocate

Compel vs. Consult

Free Thought vs. Domination Systems

Pricetags on Everything vs. Abundant Free Samples

DRM vs Universal Content Utopia

Digital Identity vs. Cyber Nomads

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