Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Calacanis, web design, low usability

(1) Jason Calacanis is looking for a new site design. Check out his "Top 10 Web (Website) Designers Today", so far, post. Have a half a heart, and help the kid out, okay?

What's with the weird, non-standard "web (website)", Jason? You make Vaspers laugh confusedly. Web covers both apps and sites.

(2) Test your web design and usability skills. Which of these praised sites are worth a shot?

Sexiest Web Sites You Forgot About

I checked the first one, the Verdure Thought site.

Powerful immediate visual impact of class and prestige, which soon pales, because of low usability, due to poor type color and background: both are rather close shades of green. Not easy or quick to skim for relevant info.

If type was in white it might work a lot better for readability and user interactions. Have to give this a D+. Sorry.

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