Saturday, November 04, 2006

Blogger image upload bug in Firefox 2

When I'm in my Blogger post template, via Firefox 2 browser, and I click on Add Image, I get that stupid StumbleUpon site, in the window where Blogger photo/image upload dialog box is supposed to appear. So I can't browse my image files and select a photo to upload to a post. Firefox Bug Forum.

Update: I went to Tools > Add-ons in browser chrome at top, and Uninstalled StumbleUpon, which took effect when I Re-started Firefox 2. That damn StumbleUpon shit was coming up, even when I went to Firefox Start Page. Talk about intrusive nagware.


Dave said...

"perhaps you don’t know how to work it?"

Sorry, couldn't resist! ;)

steven edward streight said...

That's a good one. Me not know how to work something. Uh huh ha ha ha...

I know exactly where to hit my box with a banana, to get the image uploader to work. I just need to hit it a few more times, with a fresh banana.