Friday, November 24, 2006

blog surgery at Vaspers the Grate

Jim Estill suggested I kill the word verification for comments, since I already have comment moderation. Done. Thanks Jim. However, Blogger is having technical difficulties, so I may not be able to effect the change tonight.

My buddies on the Evolt! web developer discussion list have suggested that I do a JPEGectomy, to optimize my blog for download speed. Done. I even deleted my Amazon ecommerce widgets, the Digg feedroll, numerous graphic links to my other blogs, most of my sidebar photos, and all the ads.

Blog surgery isn't so painful. You just separate yourself from any personal attachment to your own ideas. You get ruthlessly committed to helping users/readers/visitors to derive benefits from your blog.

It's slash and burn time, people. You know, it's very exciting to be on the receiving end of blogology for once. I give out tons of free advice to others, but now it feels so good to obey the suggestions of others.

I hope this massive deconstruction enables more people to visit and comment on Vaspers the Grate. Bear with me as the dust settles. I am still moving things around in the sidebar, so for a while it may look a bit chaotic.

P.S. As a side note to new visitors: "grate" means "abrasive", not a cute trendy way of mis-spelling "great". I am not "great" by any means. But I am harsh when necessary.

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