Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the blog conversation

Sterling at Chip's Quips, in "a touch of Krome", mentions how he received some coding help or suggestions from a reader of his blog, and rejoices (modestly) in "collaboration", quotes around it not to make it a sarcastic so-called, but to make it stand out.

Project teaming. Working together in unison or unity or a unified fight.

The blog conversation is taking place in reverberations we cannot ascertain in their totality. We publish a post, submit a comment for moderation and eventual, hopeful inclusion in the topic thread of a blog we so long to be a part of, or pretend to avoid.

But we can't avoid the always aspect of the blog. The blog is always on, constantly there. Staring at whoever comes near it, hearing things you later claim you didn't say or mean, then bouncing off the non-reflections that dance in molten twilight and a hercules there instead.

We say, type, convey something. It stings. We retreat: mute, worn, received. Then off to the dusk again, with as many dead balloons as we can conceive.

Ah, yes the collab lab of weblog island. I love the way the cake of understanding (whose icing rubs off on our arrowed minds as we shrug our way past the unwashed masses and kiss the cathedral of undrilled militant attention to user detail) marches past. So, I pause to consider every post at my own scroungey belittled blog, every post that gets from 1 to 2 comments at least, is a collaborative project between me and another blogger with nothing better to do or not do and leave undone.

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