Wednesday, November 22, 2006

being dead is easy

It's not so hard to imagine you're already dead and it gives you great leeway in projecting yourself through the enveloped world of transient gleamings. You see what's wrong, and you persecute it, chasing it near and far, and you come out ahead every time. Dead to the twisteds, dead to the scants, dead to the deaf radar of the plummetings. As the assumptions pile up, you merrily enter the gloom, intact, preserved, shining like a starberry. With the torrential consoles laughing unexcitedly, you peer more deeply into the extinguished flame, the ride of unimaginable launderings poked through and glum. It's really rather easy to be a dashing dot cadaver, immune to the lashings of the severed statements, glistening instead of listening, triumphant in a corpse-like bliss of far hits and near misses. You're impenetrably monstered in your nuanced surrender to the fadings and lack of fate. Don't worry because it's easy, unfathomably easy to be dead to the things everybody's living for, what everyone's dying to possess, as you sand, sift, and surge onward toward the impossible ideals. It's done. Poetically.


carrie said...

happy turkey day! i am thankful for you, too! and all my blogging allies.

Newsandseduction said...

You probably are talking about pretending to be immortal. But that taxes your energies immensely. The tiredness rejuvenates you but.

steven edward streight said...

News: no, really, I'm not talking about pretending anything.

I refer cryptically to being "dead" to this evil and mediocre world of lies, myths, and empty traditons.

"Dead" to selfishness, arrogance, and inner depravity.

"Dead" to my own reluctance to overlook other's faults. I am so angry all the time and always fighting tooth and nail for what is right and good and moral and true.

I need to "die" to conflict and focus on inner harmony and peace and joy.