Thursday, November 23, 2006

Avant Garde Music TV episode 10

Allen Ginsberg & Paul McCartney "Ballad of the Skeletons" (5:02)
Famous beatnik poet with a pretty anarchy song. Gotta love it.

Stereolab "Les Yper Sound" (4:12)
I just love this influential electro-post-punk band!

Amida Tong "In the Time of Cherries" [John Ashbery poem] (1:17)

Felt "Primitive Painters" (4:55)
One of my favorite bands. Lawrence (vocals) is so spiritual, looks like Rimbaud here, and he said his favorite Felt album was the one he is not on, "Train Above the City". Modest genius! Lawrence solo project Go Kart Mozart (MySpace page).
Barnes & Noble Music article on Felt: New Puritan Music.

Ken Nordine Word Jazz "Night Music" [live] (4:00)

Incredible String Band "Everything's Fine Right Now" (3:39)
1960s hippie folk forest band. Love this group so much.

Soft Machine "We Know What You Mean" (2:58)
1960s psychedelic/avant jazz band.

La Kuizine "Soup Pop" (3:04)
Cooking soup with oscilloscope on screen behind pot. Funny electro.

La Kuizine "Program" (4:24)
A cover of Silver Apples song.

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Loren Feldman said...

Happy Thanksgiving Grate One

steven edward streight said...

Loren, I'm so happy to see I'm not the only loser who is so outcasted that I have nothing better to do on a holiday but blog and post comments.

I am, therefore I blog (and vlog)!

Happy Thanksblogging Day to you and yours, too!

And please quit picking on Jason Calacanis and praising PayPerPost. I am so...wimpishly...upset about it all. I cannot stand it when the entire world does not agree with every belching opinion I produce!

Loren Feldman said...

I calm now.