Saturday, November 11, 2006

attack the word of mouth buzz agents

I call on all ethical bloggers to aggressively attack, flame, and guilt-trip the heinous Paid Enthusiast bloggers, companies that employ them, and the blogs that advocate it.

If you know a company is using blog-whores to spread Artificial Word of Mouth, attack those companies in every legal and moral way you can think of. If you know any bloggers who praise and advocate Paid Posting About Products, post harsh, critical comments on their blogs.

Not to anger and annoy, but to show a firm opposition.

Paid blog whores also are compensated for gang-blogging and gang-posting against a product, company, or person. You could easily be the next victim. I dare them to try ganging up on me, I'd love to show that what I can do to retaliate.

Check it out, "The Death of Adsense Meme":

Why so many Death of AdSense or AdSense is Dead type posts? Here's one reason why.

Bloggers are getting paid for discussing some Death of AdSense book or newsletter by This campaign ran from September 14th to October 14th and apparently paid $10 per post. We have no way of knowing if it is being renewed for another month because and now blocks the opportunities page from non-members (we are not a member).

Aside from the ad campaign there is also some genuine discussion taking place. Some bloggers do think AdSense revenues could drop if there is too much click fraud going on or if Google is hampered by expensive click fraud lawsuits. Other bloggers think AdSense will continue to perform well. For some recent discussion of AdSense and click fraud see posts here, here, here and here.

Speaking of, someone has a blog (via Blog Herald) that is all paid posts from This blogger loves beach wedding invitations and whatever else is offered on

Our beloved blogosphere, our web of trust and credibility is in grave danger. Eventually, if this trend continues, we will no longer be able to believe any recommendation we read in a blog or online forum. You will never again be able to praise or critique any product, author, artist, or company--without everyone thinking you're compensated for it in some way.

I let companies advertise on this blog. But once the ads goes up, I am totally oblivious to them. Not wishing to embarrass any company, I won't give a specific example, but I have combatively criticized some of the companies whose ads you see displayed on this blog. I don't care what they think, and I never will. I seek and speak truth, the best I can.

PayPerPost, Word of Mouth Advertising, Paid Enthusiasm, it's all one thing: SPAM.

When a blogger promotes any item or person, and get paid to do so, it's SPAM.

When PayPerPost or any of the many other scumbags out there tell a company they can "leverage" the trust network of the blogosphere, and promote their products by targeting certain relevant, high traffic blogs and forums, with promotional comments, that's just dead wrong, and evil.

Especially when they lie, or refuse to disclose (reveal) that they are paid, and who is paying them to say these things. Paid enthusiast buzz agenting, aka blog-whoring, is unethical, even with full disclosure and transparency.

The issues here are so simple.

If you’re at a party, let’s say, and since they’re all friends, you ask the entire group if anyone knows a good dentist.

If a person raves about a dentist, you feel like you can trust his statements. But if you find out later that, though sincere and truthful, he had a two fold agenda–helping you and getting paid to hype the dentist–how would that make you feel?

Can’t we all see what is going on?

It’s the old outmoded dying model of Business As Usual, use the blogosphere as an advertising medium, exploit the blogosphere, leverage the trust that exists in the blogosphere, for greedy commercial gain.

PayPerPost is fraudulent, unethical, and marketing suicide. WOMMA (Word Of Mouth Marketing Association) is in the same boat.

It’s not transparency or sincerity that is the main principle here. It’s hidden or blatant commercial agendas.

By the time the stupid business chumps destroy the blogosphere with such pollution, we will have moved on to better venues for candid, trustworthy, altruistic conversations.

Does a company want to promote product in the blogosphere?

Then hype your expertise, give away free samples of something, help people solve problems.

Soon, we will have to keep saying “I’m not paid in any manner to say this” whenever we compliment or criticize any product, author, music band, book, etc.

What a drag.

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