Thursday, November 02, 2006

5 common usability errors

#1 "Everything looks fine. It's got all the right features and a fantastic viral marketing advertising campaign. It just doesn't do everything it's supposed to do."

#2 "It does what I thought would be cool. I'm sure everyone else will be just as happy as I am with it, and will use it the way I want to use it."

#3 "It does basically everything you need it to do. Basically."

#4 "Test it? Why? Are you saying I don't know what I'm doing? It works for me and my project team. It's fine. Skip the paranoia. We don't need any user observation tests. Gotta cut costs and ship on schedule, you know."

#5 "The users are trying to make it do something we don't think it's necessary for it to do. The users are wrong. We are right. It does what we think it should do, what we wanted it to do for us and our interests. It's fine as it is. It doesn't need to accommodate the dummies or newbies."

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