Thursday, November 16, 2006

5 blog comment posting strategies

Do you have a blog comment strategy? I mean, why do you post comments at other blogs? Do you do it randomly and impulsively...or do you have a policy, plan, or goal?

5 blog comment posting strategies

(1) Opportunistic:

Some people target high traffic or heavy influence niche blogs, and post self-serving comments there, hoping to drive traffic to their blog.

Basically, it's hijacking a blog for selfish purposes.

"Spam" technically refers to messages, in email or blog comments, that display a URL to a commercial or malicious (malware/spyware attaching) site. But "spammy" is the posting of comments, perhaps obsessively, in hopes of attracting attention and getting new people to visit your site.

(2) SEO-centric:

Others will liberally sprinkle SEO keywords related to their product or expertise, into all posts at other blogs. Again, these commenters are not contributing to a conversation, but are seeking to use another's blog as a tool for achieving a selfish end.

(3) Exhibitionistic:

This is the compelling desire to express opinions and divulge personal feelings and thoughts to any passing stranger. The comment is posted, not for the benefit of the topic per se, but more to just parade one's ego, expertise, or product in front of others.

(4) Sadistic:

Trolls, flamers, baiters, con artists, and predators. This is the use of interactive forums to cause trouble, to insult and talk trash to upset people. Attacks people, rather than debating ideas. Personal hostility or deception.

(5) Altruistic:

More valuable by far are those who are passionate and insightful. They post comments because they care about a topic, issue, or activity. Their comments are designed to help, clarify, question, praise, shame, or challenge. Posting a comment is their way of contributing to the common welfare, forming alliances with like minds, and sharing news, products, or advice with others.

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