Thursday, October 26, 2006

what is a blog? today?

a blog, today, is not what it was back in 1992 when Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the web, invented and first used it.

a blog is by definition a web communication tool.

a way to easily and quickly publish content to the web and to archive your musings, gripes, and beefs.

in a low threshhold state, it can degenerate into an exhibitionistic narcissist trap, a digital quicksand quagmire that pulls the blogger (not the audience) down deeper and deeper into trivial nonsense that makes cold machines seem more human.

some blogs have comments enabled, but the first blogs functioned more as mini, one person bulletin boards, that is, they did not resemble the current MySpace music band blogs and such other mutations, not in the slightest.

the early blogs, the pioneer blogs, what we may refer to as The rEAl bLOGs, they existed in a different form and have been refactored and defiltered to a denatured state of considerable decay.

some coax or bully or encourage businesses to "blog", because it is "cool" and you can use a blog to make people like you, or your company. I say "no".

But nobody listens to Vaspers the Grate, because when I have important things to say, I first repulse the hangers on with idiocy to make them disgruntled ex-users of this blog, I post bizarre fluff here and there, to throw them off track, so they leave and never come back. Then, when the coast is clear, I reveal the heavy impact material and concepts to the worthy and noble FEW.

I weed out the exploiters and tune out the opportunists with strange electronic tones and marketing strategy crosses and bones.

what's a blog? today?

it's a slow chat room, an invalid vending machine, a horn of ones own to toot, an ad parade, a shoe horn for the Feat of Progress, a pair of slippers for the Lacanian dilemma of auto-insuggestion, "dada in desire", a Get Rich Slowly charade. A place that rejects buzz marketing, bully influence, unquestioned tradition, and yet installs a hall of mystery mirrors wherever it goes and it shows.

what's a blog doing today?

blogs create a vast white spot of emptiness in the middle of your brain.

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