Thursday, October 26, 2006

what is a blog or a book?

A blog is your digital surrogate, and includes the dumping ground of your bot-like agenting for your readers.

A book, that is a worthless work of fiction, in the other hand, is simply an inauthentic and textually frozen rehearsal of fake characters who laugh in the face of non-facile faux reality, false stories of imaginary, conjectural, and non-actual events featuring unreal people who never existed having hypothetical adventures that never happened and will never happen in implausible places that don't really exist, or exist, but not exactly the way in which they're described, no matter how skilled the author.

Other books exist, books who contain real facts, are not artificial contrivances, and are busy documenting procedures of computers and other animals.


carrie said...

so did you make this book?

steven edward streight said...

Nice new thumbnail, Carrie.

Yes, I wrote this book that was published by Ruppman Marketing Services, a super high tech database firm that I worked at twice, the only time I ever worked at the same company on two separate occasions.

It was the first business job I ever had and they made me what I am. It is so supremely sad and tragic that the second time I worked there, I screwed it all up, I was a Corporate Communications and PR Director.

I made a couple of office politics blunders, but the company owed me some money and my manager denied it, while the president liked me, but everything got all twisted, and by my sheer psychological stupidity, I lost the best job in the whole world.


steven edward streight said...

BTW, I wrote this post because a blog I'm very disappointed in recently stated that the most popular Google search term is "what is a blog?"

So I decided to attract all those hordes of truth seekers to spend one night with the king of blogocombat, but the stars fell from the blog sky and pierced my hands and feet.