Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wallop new Microsoft social media platform

Ryan Stewart at ZDNet Tech Blogs was kind enough to send me an invite to join/test drive Wallop Beta. It's the new social media/Flash-based/rich internet application platform from Microsoft, and, like Live Office Beta, I'm greatly underwhelmed.

"First Look at Wallop" by Ryan Stewart, Sept. 27, 2006.

After using the blog comment function to thank Ryan for the invite, I posted a few remarks about my experience with Wallop.


I succeeded in login and posting a one sentence post to my Wallop blog, but that's as far as I got tonight. Profile image upload attempts failed: "One or more files was not received correctly by the server. This was due to either an error or a user cancel."

No "retry" message, encouraging and enabling me to try to upload my profile image again. Not sure how I retry, there are so many buttons and some apparent redundancies, oddly enough, for the image uploads. Tried uploading "home page photo" in the post editor. Failure again.

I feel like I'm floating in nothingness. No "About" page for Wallop. Is there a Help page?

Where's the URL for my blog? How do I access my blog or send others to see it? Where's "view your blog"? How do you title a post?


In the left column are:

What's New | History | Favorites | Mods | Customize...

Why is there no About Wallop, FAQ, or Help pages? What is a Mod? What's new with what? Everything fades to dark grey.

Upper right corner: Sign Out | Music Player

Bottom near to right corner: [headphones graphic] Music

What's the difference between Music Player and Music?

Welcome text after successful login:

"Welcome to Wallop! Wallop is a fun new place to be yourself and connect with friends. A great way to start is to upload a picture. Click on this to go to your picture page."

But "this" refers not to the dialogue pop up box, but to where the arrow extending from the Welcome text box is pointing: the Pictures box. Too bad it didn't work. Nothing else worked. Server overload or other problems?

Blog posts are called "Conversations". You click on that word to see posts.

Wallop Mini Review at Grande Talk. [Wallop screen shots are taken from Grande Talk.] Topic threads displayed below.

Mr. Angry "Making Sense of Microsoft's Wallop" (1:06)


Mr Angry said...

So they didn't pay you either? I'm guessing their excuse would be "it's beta" but how could they miss the mark so badly? I wonder if anyone will actually be answerable when this goes down in a screaming heap?

steven edward streight said...

No, they couldn't and shouldn't '""pay me""' because I've got better things to do than get financial compensation for beta testing a dysfunctional web object like Wallop.

Wallop. A very ugly name. Riding on the coat tails of other ugly name nemesis entities? Like "blog"?

What a shame. Tis a pity.

DISCLAIMER: I often harsh and trash a product one day, then a week or two later rave about it. I don't think it's going to happen with Wallop, but who knows?