Thursday, October 19, 2006

Vox blog invitation

Sign up for a Vox blog invitation today.

It's a new blog platform from Six Apart, that promises to be more beautiful and integrated than any other. It's a Web 2.0 blog service, set up for all the interactive, multi hyper media whistles and bells you've come to expect and deserve. Link via Bill Davies blog.

I don't like the way comments are in faint, tiny gray type under the title of the post. This is against web norms, and will make many users think comments are not enabled, making the blogs seem less for conversation and more for exhibitionism and pulpit pounding. Huge mistake, Vox.

Or can the bloggers alter the design template code? If not, then the platform is dumbed down, and will attract a certain class of people, while disempowering the tech savvy bloggers who wish to create, change, enhance, and make art of their blogs.

Mena Trott has a blog at Vox, it's called VoxTrott. Check it out.


Vox is free and fun!

Register to join now. New invitations are sent out a few times a week.
Vox is made with you in mind.

Your friends. Your family. Beautiful design. The most powerful, flexible privacy features available anywhere. Integration with YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket, Amazon, iFilm and iStockphoto. Plenty of storage space for everything you care about.
Vox is better with you on it.

Sign up for an invitation or explore Vox here.


Here's the text of a Vox Team announcement post, where Amazon integration and new tools are explained...


There's a great new feature for you Amazon fans -- you're no longer limited to one Amazon site when searching for books, videos or audio. Now you can utilize Amazon US, Amazon , Amazon France, and Amazon to help fill your Vox library.

Whether you're writing a post in Compose, or entering in your whole bookshelf from the Organize page, you'll now see a dropdown box with the four Amazon sources. Select the desired Amazon location, enter your keywords, and click Search. It's as easy as that!

Using Amazon is a great way to add to your Vox Library, whether you're interested in books, audio, videos, or even all three.

Adding an item from Amazon will show a variety of information about it, including the cover image if available, which makes your blog as colorful and happy as you are. Enhancing your Library is all about showing your neighborhood or the Vox world what you like: what you've got on your nightstand, what you've been watching on DVD, or what's in your CD player.

You can utilize these new Amazon locations no matter where you live. Maybe you want to blog about an import CD from another country, or about original series DVDs from the BBC. Or to just show people something good you've found in another country that you'd love to get your hands on. You might also find that these Amazon resources are great for finding alternate covers for books!

We hope you take the time to explore the options for books, audio, and videos, and enjoy these new Amazon locations along the way. You can always find out more info about using Amazon or the library in general in our Knowledge Base under our Books, Audio, and Videos sections.

--Vox Help team


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