Thursday, October 05, 2006

Seth Godin on mission critical. Derrida. Derrida.


Seth Godin, "The really critical stuff":

It's easy to riff and agitate and brainstorm about the marketing message, about authenticity, about treating people the way you want to be treated... but if your building burns down, it doesn't really matter so much.

Amazon's shopping cart has been broken, off and on, for days now. I can't find a status blog for them, so it might just be me and a few colleagues, or it might be everyone in the world.

That's like every single Walmart in the country unable to open their doors because the locks are jammed. Suddenly, having good locksmiths on staff is really important.

As the bar keeps getting raised for what people expect from an online experience, the collection of things that you MUST get right keeps going up. It's expensive, but so is rent. It's part of the deal.


Jacques Derrida, "De Tour de Babel" (1985)

How is a text written in several languages at a time to be translated? How is the effect of plurality to be "rendered"?


Jacques Derrida, "Living On -- Border Lines" (1979)

...a "text" that is henceforth no longer a finished corpus of writing, some content enclosed in a book or its margins, but a differential network, a fabric of traces referring endlessly to something other than itself, to other differential traces.

Thus the text overruns all the limits assigned to it so far (not submering or drowning them in an undifferentiated homogeneity, but rather making them more complex, dividing and multiplying strokes and lines) -- all the limits, everything that was to be set up in opposition to writing (speech, life, the world, the real, history, and what not, every field of reference -- to body or mind, conscious or unconscious, politics, economics, and so forth).

Whatever the (demonstrated) necessity of such an overrun, such a debordement, it still will have come as a shock, producing endless efforts to dam up, resist, rebuild the old partitions, to blame what could no longer be thought without confusion, to blame difference as wrongful confusion!

All this has taken place as in nonreading, with no work on what was thus being demonstrated, with no realization that it was never our wish to extend the reassuring notion of the text to a whole extratextual realm and to transform the world into a library by doing away with all boundaries, all framework, all sharp edges...we sought rather to work out the theoretical and practical system of these margins, these borders, once more, from the ground up.

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