Saturday, October 28, 2006

music for Florida art galleries


"Music for Florida Art Galleries" (77:33)

1. man in the machine (13:18)
2. agile galaxy machine (16:17)
3. null-terminated Pascal strings (7:41)
4. vapor bodies (17:28)
5. 0==x (10:29)
6. blue cream oscillator (12:19)

Steven E. Streight + Source Forge
Audacity audio editor + microphoenix

For Rob "Roblimo" Miller
6 premium channel noise events.

Recorded "live" in the New Reformed
Martian Transition Studio,
Peoria, IL, USA, on Oct. 27, 2006

This music was created in one night, for playing in Florida art galleries during shows, and for art films.

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