Friday, October 13, 2006

many ways to monetize YouTube

People wonder how Google and YouTube, its new purchase, can make money and pay for the massive bandwidth it takes to host all those lip synching videos that freely promote RIAA product, so why should records companies sue You Tube?

Well, as a Director Account YouTube video uploader, let me tell you my opinion on this.

Here are my recent comments on Mark Glaser's Media Shift blog, one of my favorite blogs.

Bear in mind that I realize, in the midst of my recommendations, that YouTube must rapidly get better at:

(1) tag implementation

(2) content search

(3) new categories besides Most Viewed, Most Discussed, etc.

(4) higher quality file compression

(5) extremely high quality file enhancement for DVD distribution

(6) video tutorial accumulation

(7) CEO video accumulation

(8) original music video accumulation and distribution

(9) external linking

(10) human evaluated video indexing and peer reviews

(11) video uploader/user training.

"Google Spends $1.65 Billion on YouTube".


YouTube has many ways to make money, and they're all obvious to everyone.

Pioneers must machete their way through the thickets of frustration, confusion, skepticism, and find the promised land.

All that needs to be done is to focus on what people want. YouTube fans want fast access to relevant content, videos that are up their alley.

This is the main problem, as you stated: difficulty finding quality content video. But that also makes it fun, learning how to get to that content.

Paid subscription channels is one way to monetize and satisfy an audience need. I'd pay a few bucks a month to have an inside track to high quality, human indexed, human reviewed experimental music videos, for example.

I do a free Avant Garde Music TV show on my Vaspers blog.

I seek and find video by John Cage, Tangerine Dream, Caroliner Rainbow, Incredible String Band, Terry Riley, etc., and tack on links to Barnes & Noble music store and Amazon free music mp3 downloads, to help my audience find more of this music to buy, or find free legal music online.

So YouTube can look to mashups, new apps, licensing, deals with record labels and net labels for exclusive rights to display music videos from them...

././. and why does no one mention the fact that YouTube OWNS THE RIGHTS to all that is uploaded?

They can find stars like Lisa Nova, Paul Vato, GotAShotOfInnerFuel, Hope is Emo and turn them into sitcom, premium TV channel, video film distribution, or Hollywood movie stars.

YouTube OWNS ALL THE CONTENT that is genuine original material, without copyright violations. They could put together "Best Of".

"Best of YouTube Homegrown Comedy" or "Best of YouTube Original Music Videos" or more targeted suites of content, hand picked and user tested for entertainment value.

P.S. I forgot to add: "...and sell CDs and DVDs of these YouTube Best Ofs".

Also: my friends and I see these old punk rock and new wave band videos, like PIL, The Slits, Siousxie and the Banshees, Adam Ant, Kraftwerk, etc. and we wish we could get these YouTube videos on DVD somehow, to keep forever and watch on things other than a PC or Mac.

DVDs of this content could be sold physically or as paid dls, where you dl the video selections that are formated for PC/Mac DVD burning.

That would be a dream come true, or if you could EVEN BETTER: compile the video selections yourself!

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