Monday, October 30, 2006

introduction to blogs for beginners

Blogs are coloring books you can scribble words and dribble paint into.

Blogs are good for you, and they taste rather like chicken.

Blogs are big scary monsters that bite corporate ankles.

Blogs are what naughty people do in their pajamas.

Blogs are ugly-worded, mini-web sites, of very little significance or consequence, if you're 109 years old.

Blogs fly around at night, like owls and bats. This is an owl blog.

Beginning bloggers should, most of you, indeed almost all of you, please stop.

Calm down, please, and patiently reconsider what you're doing and the level of dedication required to be a blogger, and quit. Delete your blog.

You either have nothing to say, you can't write well enough, or you are articulate and poetic, but you're just boring or insane.

Take up roof gardening or hand stamp collecting if you must have a little hobby.

Blogs are

Blogs can

Blogs will

"Why I Fucking Hate Weblogs" by Donald Brook (Sept. 22, 2001)


carrie said...

awesome post! i love this stuff. i will probably even link to it on MY BLOG! won't that be KEWL!~???

i'll do a post about THIS post! and then you could do a post about me posting about that post ad infinitum~

ok. i am being facetious. feces-shus? multifaceted?

no, but good post. and good link. THAT was funny! HA

steven edward streight said...

Your comment is so weird, I thought it came from Blog 2.0 blog, but then I saw your sig.

I like to make ppl laugh a lot.

Loren Feldman said...

Awesome as always, Carrie seems kewl.

steven edward streight said...

Carrie is my most loyal blogobuddy, and she was cool when cool wasn't cool enough to be cool.