Wednesday, October 18, 2006

hypelogs: self-serving business blogs

I've seen it happen too many times. A blog deals with business topics, at first. Relevant content for an audience. But at some point in the blog's life, it suddenly changes. A bad change.

Now it seems like every other post is horn-tooting, fanfare and pomposity, vainglorious hype about a book, a seminar, a conference, or a new online community based on...guess what? Based, NOT on user needs, but on a PRODUCT.

A reversion to the caveman marketing era, where you interruptlingly blared your message and pounded your product catalog on the heads of as many suckers as possible. You're hoping statistics will grace you with some chumps who'll recklessly, impulsivley give you their hard-earned cash.

Blogs are lousy advertising venues. You can't sell much on a blog. Blogs don't work well as capitalistic stores or malls. You CAN provide FREE stuff in abundance, then hope to sell something later, perhaps on a separate site, so you don't contaminate your hard-acquired online community, which is focused on a Topic and not a Product.

Blog visitors are on an information, socializing, or entertainment mission, not a shopping spree. Self-referential, auto-gratification blogs are real turn-offs.

To pretend to have a Topic as central, but in reality you keep bragging about who's attending your shindig, or who praised your book, such narcissistic grandstanding rings Crass, Hollow, Cooler Than Thou.

This is doom in the blogosphere. You shoot yourself in more than the foot by being so foolish and ego-maniacal.

Blogs are about passions, expertise, experience, anything but advertising, promotions, and other delusions of commercial grandeur. It just doesn't look right, pushing a product, service, anything, unless you're sharing your critique of some other person's thingamajig. Rant and rave, flame and fondle all you want. About others. Not yourself.

Exception: an upcoming event that needs registration, things of this nature that offer a benefit and a required action by users. Or announcing your new product, that's okay once in a very great while.

But to keep harping on and on, post after post, about some deal you've got going to help deepen your own pockets, spare us. Please. It's like going on and on about your health, children, or religion. It's personal. Keep it closer to the chest and get on about your benefiting your audience, organized around, NOT "you" or your "product", but a Topic.

Nobody visits a blog to "BUY" something. We flee from shopping malls and television commercial insanity to the oasis of the paradaisical blogosphere, calm and clamor, but it's Us yapping at each other, rather than Them, the Business As Usual zombies.

Hype Blogs are nothing but boring old fashioned garbage.

You got an event or an item to sell? Blog about it once, then put an ad in your sidebar that links to full details. If you're approaching a deadline, blog about that if you must.

But endless posts about your this and your that are a real drag. It's not about you or your junk. It's about community needs and interests.

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Stephen said...

Hear, hear (as they used to say in "Ye Olde England"). Perfect sentiments and useful to keep me in check, lest I stray over to the dark side...

Keep up the good work!