Thursday, October 26, 2006

how to sell music

Let's now look at how to sell music, using all the latest technology and social media.

How To Sell Music: part 1

Put some of your music, like an EP of 5 short but catchy songs on a net label, or let's create a net label with some fellow musicians, other local bands, a composer in another country, all via the web, so physical location no longer matters.

You become like spirit.


Because, as with spirit, PHYSICAL LOCATION AND TOOLS no longer matter.

You build a web site, optimize it, link to other cool music blogs and blogs you think your listeners might like.

Then display a link on your site that says "free CD mp3s". Make entire EPs and CDs available for free download. You may also display non-free CDs and their prices, but provide one or two tracks as free mp3s, to enable listeners to see if they will like the rest of the album.

Let your fans see you or some pretty abstract pictures in motion:...upload home-made music videos from shit web cams, using post- or non- digital effects and clever shimmerings from primitive glub.

So that way it stands out as inimitable. The only art that lasts and has value is the inimitable. It's new or it's dead.

Next step is to ecommerce the shit.

How To Sell Music: part 2

Downloadable product, unfree mp3s for sale, via PayPal.

THAT's the FUTURE. No more buying CDs in record stores. Too many niche interests. Diversity gone insane. The End of Mass Market Anything. The Rise of Super Selective Consumers-Who-Also-Produce and the emergence of user-generated everything, empowerment kingdom, Universal (Mostly Free) Content Utopia.

Free music is the way to achieve sales of other non-free music. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

Free music is the way to achieve sales of other non-free music. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

Why? because there is, as you attest, TOO MUCH MUSIC of every conceivable and ill-conceived stripe out there, so consumers are confused and frustrated, burned too many times by music hype and peer pressure.

Too Much Unknown and Known Music: and almost all of it is Uncertain, even from known artists, how can anyone trust it? By hearing it, that's how. FREE mp3 of entire songs, not dumbass sample teasers, give them the whole thing.

Thus: all the poor kid MySpace rock band blogs will vanish in a puff of narcoleptic smoke within 2 years, replaced by INDIVIDUAL NET LABELS by individual sound artists.

You create your own music, your own distribution channels, your own promotional tools, your own fanfare, your own archives, your own buzz...quickly, easily, at no cost.

You post comments on music blogs. You You mail free CDs to friends and family and enemies and net labels and whoever you can force them on. Threaten to hurt them beyond repair if they don't listen to it every day all day for the rest of their lives.

That's exactly How You Sell MUSIC TODAY... and for all foreseeable TOMORROWS.

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alex djet said...

Hello Steven,

Many thanks for comments!!

A lot of the interesting information from you!

I as like netlabels WM Recordings and ComfortStand (it is a pity last exists only in archive..) and Zeromoon and many others...

And recommendations is relative " Canadian Electroacoustic Community " and Vladimir Ussachevsky - I shall look and listen (to thanks for the
information) in more detail later...

(my recommendation to you is label Radical Matters -

there a lot of interesting, collection and improvisations music -
"on web editions": FREE DOWNLOAD)

I looked yours art-video-sound works on YouTube. in particular "CompuMusik" nuit blanche (sleepless night)"," CompuMusik " studio out of control " and "CompuMusik" passing through rubber mirrors "!

GREAT WORKS!! I really love such creativity!

Very much and very much it is pleasant to me. EXCELLENTLY!

I in next time shall look also other your works...

Thanks for the offer to send 7 cd "CompuMusik" - to me VERY MUCH interesting your creativity!!

And I with pleasure would listen to these disks!

I send to you the address.


[full address deleted]

Yours faithfully