Saturday, October 21, 2006

how new blogs can succeed

Net neutrality is the issue we must all rally behind. The liars made us pay for fiber, but now they want to make us pay for it again. The USA is a third rate country when it comes to internet speeds. We are crawling on the information superhighway, barely limping along.

Slow as we are, we can still philosophize about best practices.

How can a new blog get any attention, traffic, comments?

Chris Sells makes some good points about the way a new voice in the blogosphere can rise to a position of authority and popularity. Obsessive, frequent posting of relevant content is the royal road to SEO.

The Internet Is a Meritocracy


It's easy to think that if you're already got a high page rank in google, that you'll get more than your far share of traffic, polarizing the internet into a small number of sites that get all the hits. Luckily, according to "Topical interests and the mitigation of search engine bias," published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, that's not the case:

"Our result has relevant conceptual and practical consequences; it suggests that, contrary to intuition and prior hypotheses, the use of search engines contributes to a more level playing field in which new sites have a greater chance of being discovered and thus of acquiring links and popularity, as long as they are about specific topics that match the interests of users as expressed through their search queries."

In other words, if you've got something relevant to say, the folks that care will find it. Yet again, letting the internet decide yields the best result.


This reminds me of a response I got to my Blog Pro Survey about a year or two ago, which haunts me, as it should haunt you too.

BLOG SUCCESS: "You have to work really really really hard for a really really really long time, and then you might get really really really lucky and be a successful blogger."

Maniacal devotion to a Topic, or clever Self Expression, with some kind of reader benefit, that's how you slowly but surely succeed in blogging. You have to keep at it, even when you hate it, or are too tired to force your eyes to stay open.

Some may be gifted at Sleep Blogging, which is like Sleep Walking, except you just walk over to your computer, and start blogging, in your sleep, and awaken next day to bizarre truth of your somnambulent dilly dallying.

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and awaken next day to bizarre truth of your somnambulent dilly dallying.

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