Thursday, October 05, 2006

Highest Spiritual Act

A dear friend and ally, the guy who videotaped many of my music videos back when I was a performance artist, told me he's suicidal.

He was on some Gurdjieff-oriented spiritual path as a young man, and committed some silly irrelevant violation that ended his training. He's been very content doing his job and listening to Middle Eastern music to relax.

But he recently ran into some disciples who gave him "distressed looks". They disapproved of him, apparently. Now, this emotional rejection has him wanting to stop existing. I think they want him dead, the jerks.

This is why cults are dangerous. When you quit or get kicked out, they try to guilt trip you so you'll kill yourself, and not pose any further threat or embarrassment to them.

"If you leave us, you'll never amount to anything," Bob Jones, of the evil cult Bob Jones University, said to a young Billy Graham.

My friend's words sounded like a cultic post-hypnotic suggestion: "I'm completely dispirited. I have nothing of real value to contribute to the world, and I never will. I can't see myself ever having a renewed desire to do any spiritual work. I'll never reach that peaceful state of consciousness, etc., etc."

I told him that if these schmucks were so "spiritual", they should've helped him out of his despair.

"Maybe that's not part of their Work," my buddy replied.

"That's absurd," I exploded. "There is no higher spiritual act than to help a suffering individual. That's what all the real spiritual leaders did. Not just a bunch of ethereal theory and mysterious practices. The most spiritual thing anyone can do is be a Good Samaritan. If all they did was give you looks of distress, then they are worthless as spiritual guides or examples. Screw their distressed looks."

Vaspers "Highest Spiritual Act" 2:53

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