Friday, October 27, 2006

Google Summer of Code and Video Marketing Thoughts

Need some inspiration to knock your ass out of the box, so you can try to think outside the blasted thing? Check out the Summer of Code from Google.

Last night, at my web development committee meeting for the W. D. Boyce Council - BSA, I was pleased to see my idea, from 3 years ago, to have a virtual assistant and virtual tour available, not automatic, but optional, on site. And my idea about videos to promote Scout camps to outside users, like the National Guard. Seeing both ideas being spontaneously discussed, and I think they forgot that it was I who originally proposed them.

I kept quiet about that, however, just in case they don't work, and then they go looking for someone to blame.


They need, for camps in particular, some generic, non-Scouting promotions in various media, but I believe most crucially in video marketing. Video is the best way to selling something the user interacts with physically, from APIs to camping facilities.

For the Linux crowd, check out

Video, that's how you promote APIs and music and art and humor. Videos that amuse, entertain, and instruct, all three in one video. Cool ambient music, intriguing actresses and actors, well written, clever scripts, quality production values, correct equipment, enlightened enthusiast zeal backed up by wide area knowledge acquisition (C. Locke).

Video is what you need to market everything.

Exciting, avant garde, business-minded, buzz-generating, imitation-spawning, industry accolade, media attention-getting VIDEO. Let us see the Product In Use Solving Problem. Show us your thingamajig actually doing something, online or in the real world that seems to exist sporadically outside the net.

Experiment with video now, especially if you've got something to sell, something to show, something that is visually conveyable in a memorable beneficial manner. That's how to sell things now, not through mailing lists, but through video that has substance, tutorial oriented or highly entertaining.

Mix profound business insights with humor and strange, haunting ambient background music, and pretty, but modest ladies and handsome, but honorable gentlemen...what more can I tell you?

Learn how to make and distribute effective videos for API, software releases, web sites, blogs, music, art, films, and staying tuned to Vaspers the Grate. I know I do.

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