Sunday, October 08, 2006

deconstructing a crafts supplies newsletter

My wife asked me to subscribe to the Michaels craft supplies store newsletter. Below is the newsletter that arrived in my inbox today.

My first assumption and expectation was that it would begin with great news of sales and discounts for Newsletter Only Customers. I also thought savings coupons would litter the landscape, as well as unique practical tips on craft techniques. If they knew my wife was an accomplished folk art painter, they could target that characteristic in their communique.

Nope. None of the above. Notice how The Great Pumpkin Event is not explained very completely, leaving parents with a lot of questions. Indoor or outdoor? Treats for the kids? Entertainment? Messy?

We are told to "mark your calendar" for Bead Event and Yarn Event, but there's no description whatsoever of them. They assume we already know. This is mild but offensive corporate arrogance.

"Our customers (or, newsletter subscribers) will know that already. We don't want to offend their intelligence" is perhaps the most common and the single most stupid rationalization companies use to defend promotional laziness and marketing cluelessness. If everyone knows everything, why advertise at all?

Never assume that people are geniuses who have no questions about your product or company! You'd be surprised at what even your highest ticket and long term customers don't know. Try surveying them sometime, and see for yourself the huge gaping holes in their knowledge.


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What's New At Michaels

October Events

During the month of October, Michaels has fun and exciting events for everyone in the family. The Great Pumpkin Event is this Saturday, October 7th from 1–5pm. This make-it take-it event is only $5 US ($8 Canada) per pumpkin. Mark your calendar for upcoming events:

Bead Event on Sunday, 10/8

Yarn Event on Sunday, 10/15

October Events

Pumpkin Contest

Now through October 21st bring a picture of an original, decorated craft pumpkin to any Michaels store location and be entered to win our $5000 grand prize. No purchase necessary. Open to legal US and Canadian residents 18 years and older, except residents of Quebec. Void where prohibited.

Official Contest Rules

Pumpkin Contest

Dress Up For Halloween

Still looking for the perfect Halloween costume for the young person in your life? Check out these adorable, yet simple costume ideas for boys and girls of all ages. Complete the costume with a mask, face painting or other accessories.

Costume Ideas & More


Of what value is this newsletter?

How many opportunities do you see that they wasted here?

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carrie said...

maybe it is just to arouse your curiosity so you will go to their website or call their store?

i dunno, but i want to do that contest where i send in a photo of the felt jack 0'lanterns i have made, eh.


i like it when you do these kind of postsssss.