Saturday, October 21, 2006

CompuMusik this mysterious vibration VIDEO

Here's the first video single from my new CompuMusik CD entitled "Sound Frontiers in Unknown Dimensions". On the CD, the word "this" is missing. Mixed via online studio Eyespot.

CompuMusik "this mysterious vibration" (7:34)

"This Mysterious Vibration" video URL
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Playing tip: click on the play button, then immediately pause it, to allow download to perform, then when download is finished, click on play button to watch video without network interruptions.


jecklin said...

Oh, very cool, man!

What did you think of eyespot? I quickly looked it over some time ago and liked the idea.

steven edward streight said...

I've just begun to mess around with Eyespot. I have no idea what I"m doing, just tried to intuitively throw something together.

I like Eyespot. But I have not really explored it much yet. I will give it high marks for being so usable intuitively.

Other so-called Movie Maker software is crap, so hard to figure out, it's unusable.

I beta test new software all the time, probably 2 or 3 products per week. But movie making software, like many softsynths, are terrible garbage in the cases I've personally seen and tried to work with.

Eyespot is quite interesting. I found it via Lawrence Lessig.