Monday, October 30, 2006

Blogger maintenance and problems here did some maintenance on internet access today, but apparently, more trouble has occured, judging by how this blog looks.

The entire sidebar has vanished, but the code is complete in the template. So it's a display problem, not a site problem. I had trouble posting new posts yesterday. Just be aware that I can always be found at Corporate Blog Revolution, in case of massive and long term failure of the Blogger service.

Be sure to note my email also: steven [dot] streight [at] gmail [dot] com


Dave said...

Why not ditch Blogger completely? It's lame!

steven edward streight said...

Are you a paid enthusiast for a competitive brand blogging platform, like Moveable Type or Typepad or Squarespace?

I have a WordPress location and like it, but all these services have pros and cons.

Platform wars are silly, since nothing is perfect, and only a few are totally worthless.

Dave said...

Er, no, I am not a paid enthusiast for anything. I just got pretty brassed off with Blogger myself after a while and found a better platform: WordPress, as you've found out. It's more stable, far quicker and produces much nicer results.

But I'm not interested in starting a war of any sort, and if you thought that was my intention then sorry, my posting must have been a little combative. I guess I just thought a robustly put comment might suit the tone of your blog. Obviously not.

carrie said...

i still like blogger even tho it has issues. i've tried other platforms and they all have issues of some sort.

steven edward streight said...

davey boy: Just jesting-jousting, you sucka fool. Robustly put comment? Fire on, friend.

but Blogger be not "lame", nor is WordPress any good at image uploading or sidebar tweaking.

How often do you read Mullenweg's PhotoMatt blog?

Dave said...

Every day. Just as I do yours, as it happens.