Wednesday, October 04, 2006

addicted to Lisa Nova again

Lisa Nova, the Reigning Queen of YouTube, with the #6 Most Viewed Video. I love the soft punk acoustic guitar stylings and the truth about craving and the 4-fold path that leads to the end of craving. There is addiction. There is a way to end addiction. There is a path that leads to the end of addiction. Kava is 90% Acid Reduced. It's the acid in the coffee that makes you geeked out and craxy.

This is a skit using coffee and a coffee pusher as a metaphor, analogy, syllogism for drug addiction, or inordinate, self-destructive habituation in general. Watching the girl get her first taste of Coffee the Drug ("This is how people are waking up in the morning", i.e., "everybody's doing it, come on and get with it") is thrilling.

I once quit coffee and cigarettes for a year, back in my distant, younger past. (I have since quit cigarettes, it's been almost 7 years ago.) When a traumatic thing happened, it was in New York City and involved a woman, I bought a cup of coffee and a pack of squares, took a few sips, sucked a few times on the nicotine stick, and I was in a Super Transcendental State of Mind. I mean: I was dizzy and my head was spinning.

I felt oddly radiant, thinking, "This stuff is legal? It has too powerful of an impact on the CNS!"

From New York Times news river (see NYT graphic link in my sidebar), "Drug Buddy" review by Rob Kendt, Oct. 3, 2006.


David Folwell’s new play, “Drug Buddy,” a slight coming-of-age story among small-time dealers in Austin, Tex., is no exception.

Here the lesson is to be your own man, even if you’re a squirrely 16-year-old dropout named Wade (Matthew Stadelmann) whose best friend, Bodie (Jesse Hooker), sells Ecstasy from an Altoids canister at a seedy local dance club and lives in fratty futon squalor.

Don’t trust the hard-edged woman (Carrie Shaltz) you meet at said dive, particularly when she vows, “I love you, and it’s not the drugs.”

And steer clear of the cowboy individualism exemplified by the rootless redneck (Jake M. Smith) who talks trash and quotes Scripture between pot puffs.

[snip--text deleted]

“Shouldn’t I cry or something?” Wade asks Bodie upon hearing of an untimely death. “You probably can’t,” Bodie replies. “You’re on an antidepressant.”


I'm hooked on the Lisa Nova sensation.

Lisa Nova "My New Addiction???" (3:55)

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