Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Zilor Dehypnotism vs. Lonelygirl15

Mental Influx introduces Zilor the real non-fictional dragon.

This orange dragon stands ready to deprogram the lemming-like disciples of Lonelygirl15, and return them, via dehypnosis, to a normal life. Set free to care about real, non-poser, authentic human beings again.

Online = Unknown.

Never care passionately about an online persona.

You don't know if they're really genuine. It could all be an act. Fakes call their deceptive practices "role playing". They don't consider it lying, they're just "having fun". If you swallow the ploy, and sincerely believe in the phony persona, you need to exercise more scrutiny, analysis, and critical thinking.

Old geezer sexual predators fake their online identities all the time. Actresses pretend to be home-schooled teens.

Viral or virulent?

Depends on the motivation they have and the mind games you'll tolerate.

People actually worried about "Bree" and emailed her advice. They had anxiety about her stupid boyfirend, her strict parents, her being processed by the "weird religion" and its rituals for her as a "chosen vessel".

Imagine: worrying and caring about a figment of a production company's imagination. Digital dupes!

Lonely Girl 15. Bree.

She's not real...she's scripted.

Zilor Dehypnotism vs. Lonelygirl15 (2:38)

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