Monday, September 18, 2006

your blog is NOT an island

Many probably think their blog is an island floating on a soup of other blogs, but lifted to the top. It's not. It's immersed in a stew of hyperlinking nodes and it's more like a cell within a body.

The cell is not important in itself. What's important is how it functions within a larger system.

Likewise, your blog is not an isolated lump of mental clutter and random jabbering. Your blog, to be effective and satisfying, cannot try to function as an island drifiting along, detached and self-referential.

CEO bloggers especially need to understand this.

An individual blog fits into an entity called the Blogosphere. This realm is an interconnected cluster of living, moving, growing, unfolding significance. If your blog was the only blog that existed, it would die of starvation. Blogs feed on each other, sustain each other, and support one another.

This means that you need to (1) visit other blogs (2) post comments on other blogs (3) encourage other bloggers (4) teach blogging skills to new bloggers (5) respond quickly to comments posted on your blog and use tools to prevent comment spam and abusive comments (6) defend the blogosphere from MSM attacks (7) promote the core values of blogging (8) improve your blog, thereby having a positive impact on other bloggers (9) keep enhancing your blog, with photos, podcasts, and video.


Noah Brier said...

Nailed it again. This is very hard to explain to people who aren't part of this culture and community.

Actually the only point I was surprised about was the defending from MSM attacks. Why do you think that's so necessary and what kinds of attacks are you thinking of?

steven edward streight said...

MSM journalists and editors frequently speak of blogs as just teenagers hooking up, or portray bloggers as crazed political fanatics and trivial, unedited, unprofessional rags.

They complain unjustly of how the blogosphere is unregulated, not understanding the self-policing aspects of the living, breathing blogosphere.

They are jealous of the freedom, audacity, and combativeness of bloggers.

Canopenner said...

Hey Vas,

(8) improve your blog, thereby having a positive impact on other bloggers

Is this why you have a pink background now?(Maybe it was always pink? and I never noticed until today?)

I dont think it becomes you very well.

I see you as more of a dark blue or a no nonsense battleship grey kinda guy.

As far as my own blog goes, Ive givin up on it being anything more than an online record of my thoughts for myself to check with periodically...

I used to go out and find alot of new blogs and comment on them.((1) visit other blogs (2) post comments on other blogs (3) encourage other bloggers (4) teach blogging skills to new bloggers) But as time goes on it seems all blogs disapeer...and mine remains...

Why I wonder how long it will be until yours goes away...

Tell me you will be here forever and always for me to count on?


Dont disapeer.

Oh and also, can we get rid of the anti robot checker thing when I comment? I really think it discourages open discussion and since your approving all comments via email I dont see the point of having it...Unless someone is maliciously flooding you...

Does that happen?

steven edward streight said...

Can't Open Er, you state your case well and there is no use attempting to argue around it an dt ry to hide.

I don't "approve" any comments or even my own posts.

How could I "approve" or "disapprove"?

What within w0uld be capable of that? And how did it get that ability or talent, to approve anything, or etc.?

I simply eliminate spambot droppings, the excrement of the internet.

Yes, if I get rid of comment "moderation" and the captcha (character recognition test), the little Turing test to tell human from program, I will indeed be flooded, within minutes, with comment spam.

You should know that. But I forgive you this time.


I do all things with u tm ost precision and there is always a very solemn and sacrosanct reason for every tiny thing I do or don't do on my blog.

The (ahem) flesh colored background is to humanize the non-robotic aspect of that which claims to try to be me. Thus, it is off limits for change or correction. At least right now.

The Pepto Bismal coloration of my blog is done to soothe and transport readers to another feeling of what they want from each other.

So, I think you can see quite plainly now how I am set.

I cannot vanish and I cannot persist. I can only be what I was then as I now am what I will be.

flic said...

But you've gone ahead and vanished, (then changed), and re-persisted so quickly!