Sunday, September 17, 2006

Thomas Jefferson, ethical anarchy, Web 2.0

If I fail to freak you out, I've failed as a human being.

If the mediocre masses praise you, and make you rich, like Tom Cruise or Eminem, you're no innovator. My motto: Either innovate, or find another planet to live on. Business desperately needs new models, strategies, and methodologies.

One of my role models for aggressive rebellion and intellectual combat is Thomas Jefferson, the ethical anarchist.

Anarchist? you question. Yes, anarchist. You heard me correctly.

What I believe is that humans are endowed with Reason, and can govern themselves without politicians and political parties. I don't care if this sounds absurd, utopian, or "out there". What seems bizarre today is accepted practice tomorrow, as technology continues to make non-magical miracles occur, ever leaping forward.

Women voting, abolition of slavery, and landing a man on the moon also seemed "out there" and impossible, until someone with vision and courage made them happen. To go with the flow is for losers and mediocres. To invent and overcome is to necessarily be "different" and usually unpopular, perhaps hated and killed. Who cares? It's the Idea that's important.

Many societies have thrived without government, but none have existed without some variant of spirituality. Metaphysics triumphs over Politics. That doesn't mean that religion is necessarily "good". We see the evil extreme of mysticism in misogynist, xenophobic, anti-democracy Islamo-fascism...and in racist, patriarchal, fundamentalist, anti-science churchianity.

Thomas Jefferson defined a form of Ethical Anarchy that he greatly admired. Now Web 2.0 is attempting to fix many of the problems in the web, so that we may ignore national, political, ethnic, and religious boundaries, to become one race: the human race.

Absolute Switched-On User Empowerment. Universal Content Utopia. Global Democracy Movement. Blog Revolution. Videosphere Power Usurpation.

End of Stardom.

End of Politicians.

End of Celebrities.

End of Racism, Sexism, Ageism, and Religious Hate.

Rise of Everyone.

Now a word from our sponsor, Thomas Jefferson, in praise of No Government:

"This practice results from the circumstance of their [Native American "Indians"] having never submitted themselves to any laws, any coercive power, any shadow of government.

Their only controls are their manners, and that moral sense of right and wrong, which, like the sense of tasting and feeling, in every man makes a part of his nature. An offense against these is punished by contempt, by exclusion from society, or, where the case is serious, as that of murder, by the individuals whom it concerns.

Imperfect as this species of coercion may seem, crimes are very rare among them: insomuch that were it made a question, whether no law, as among the savage Americans, or too much law, as among the civilized Europeans, submits man to the greatest evil, one who has seen both conditions of existence would pronounce it to be the last: and that the sheep are happier of themselves, than under the care of the wolves.

It will be said that great societies cannot exist without government. The Savages therefore break them into small ones..."

--Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, Query XI: Aborigines.

I see Web 2.0 as the digital equivalent of this.

Markets are dissolving into niches.

Customers are no longer passive, obsessively consuming, materialistic idiots, like a previous generation. The new generation, the blog and videocasting generation, is no longer loyal to any one company, celebrity, nation, or religion.

The Web 2.0 generation is a rapidly morphing blob of mercurial freedom, changing, advancing, and destroying the traditions and shackles of the past.

When an invasive intruder on my Skype video chat channel asked "where are you?", I replied "I'm in the Blogosphere" in my creepiest voice. I made my head appear to fall off. Then I bounced my "decapitated" head around like a dribbling basketball, all over the videoscreen, until she freaked out and vanished. Boip. Gone.

Terrorists chopping heads off just makes us Americans laugh at the terrorists. We're used to much more gory crap than that lame little gimmick. Don't they ever watch our slasher films and horror movies? I guess not.

I am in the Blogosphere.

Not America. Not planet Earth or Pluto.

I inhabit one place and one place only: the Blogosphere.

TOP PHOTO: my computer station, when I move my webcam quickly and wildly, and snap the photo in the midst of crazed, blurred focus. Metaphor for change.

BOTTOM PHOTO: Mrs. Vaspers watches Hal the Handyman fix Vaspers Office 2.0


Newsandseduction said...

I share your thoughts and wish they come true soon. Or we work together to realise them? Are we already doing that?

steven edward streight said...

Thanks for your support. Yes, we are working together to make the Total Eternal Upheaval occur.

By visiting each other's blogs, mine in Antarctica/America, and yours in Nepal, we activate the new reality.

We can do more together online if you wish. Perhaps there are ways we can collaborate on mutually beneficial projects. Any ideas?

You are a terrific writer and a profound thinker.

Humour and last laugh said...

Thanks Steven. I am afraid if the change as you define it would leave me out of step. I am not sure if I am ready to take that leap.