Monday, September 18, 2006

thank subscribers to your video with a video

Vaspers thanks YouTuber Paul Vato, of "The Housesitter" video (featuring "Bud" aka David Faustino, from Married With Children) fame, for subscribing to Vaspers videos, then discusses with Gary the mis-titling of a Caroliner Rainbow CD that another clown sent him. [Caroliner Wikipedia page]

Paul Vato's extremely funny video about a woman housesitting a famous celebrity's ritzy mansion, while the actor is off traveling, must be seen: "The Housesitter". You will laugh. That's a prophecy, not a command.

Top notch. Almost too good to believe, all the subtle nuances and innuendos. It stars David Faustino and Sarah Norton.

YouTube Description of "Vaspers the Grate Thanks Paul for Subscribing" video.

CompuMusik: "liquid borders 1" (Rubber Mirrors CD), and Vasper5 thinks Paul Vato for subscribing, then discusses with Gary how a Caroliner Rainbow CD was mis-titled, ending with a hopeful message to Paul Vato.

The birth of a new art form: video thank you note to a video subscriber.

So avant, your head will disappear.

Vaspers: "Thanks Paul for Subscribing" (2:55)


Jecklin said...

Great find. I'm not sure how Paul Vito makes it look and sound so natural. Hilarious stuff.

steven edward streight said...

Paul Vato and the actress Sarah Norton are just very professional and natural born entertainers.

The "Housesitter" with David Faustino is one amazing video, it's the subtle nuances and innuendos ("just got out of the pool...pool? did I say I had a pool? no. not yet. But I will.") and the facial expressions of Sarah that crack me up.

David is so different in character than past things, it is all a highly polished production.

"no candy today, who wants a cigarette?" to tour bus