Wednesday, September 06, 2006

sitting still is doomsday VIDEO

Hectic relaxing and droopy inspiring film on how people and companies change instantaneously or never! Gradual is so 1990s... A nervous recitation of a business mantra invocation of the ghost "good aggressivity", the nixie "un-normal", the sprite "surreal", the goblin "get up and go", the fairy "find a new way", and the gnome called "innovation".

The hottest topic in business today is Change.

All companies and entrepreneurs are dealing with new realities forced on them by the Technological Imperative, the Universal Content Utopia, and the Global Free Mind Democracy Movement.

Cost cutting, while theoretically sound in general, is today simple a kneejerk panic reaction of clueless CEOs.

Cost cutting is not a Mission Statement, or Vision. Cost cutting is just a normal, routine business activity at all times. You always bargain to get the best quality for the best price with the best after-sales service and upsell incentives. You always seek to reduce production, operating, and distribution costs.

Downsizing simply means you either got rid of mediocres who should have never been hired in the first place, or you have run out of ideas that are popular enough to keep those people busy implementing them, i.e., products or services. Your stuff isn't as relevant or desirable as it used to be, so you layoff workers. That's your bad, not theirs, in other words.

Offshore outsourcing simply means you are unwilling to pay the price for top quality local talent, and seek to cheapen the obligatory service, because it's a low priority for your organization (e.g., after sales service and repair), or it's so routine (so you think, wrongly, about telemarketing, telesurveying, facility security, IT, accounting, or physical maintenance) that even foreigners with thick accents, alien culutures and etiquette, and garbled syntax can handle it just fine.

You forget that your corporate face, what faces the public, is your receptionist, your web site, your telemarketing crew, your junk mail. Your corporate presence comes before your sales presentation. Customers see your total act prior to your making a specific sales pitch. Especially net savvy customers who Google your company name.

Recently big changes have occured at Intel (10,000 layoffs), Caterpillar (skyrocketing sales and unmet demand makes them charge more: not just cutting costs but increasing prices), Ford Motor (Boeing CEO becomes new CEO, an airplane "turnaround" guy trying to do it to cars, I predict doom, the industries are vastly different and few skills will transfer), not to mention Enron, the icon of idiocy and misanthropic arrogant unrepentant psycho-capitalism gone haywire.

Change is coming at us all, constant upheaval, disorientation, new skills to hurry up and learn, new communications technology to harness before the competition uses it to gain market share, customer loyalty, and long-term economic advantage.

These revolutions are defined and debated here and throughout the blogosphere and videosphere. This is the bleeding heart edge of social technology, spoonfed to geniuses like you, via the miracle of video player embed magic.

Technology and Mind Science are the only real "magic" the universe has ever known.

You, business or personal blogger, will change. Change is not an option. Rather, the real issue is How Fast and How Successfully You Change. You will change. Like it or not. We'll explore it together and figure out how to change in a positive and productive manner, rather than panic and collapse.

The Sixth Business Sense: "I see dead people. At work. Collecting paychecks."

Watch this "life-changing" (Voted #1 buzzword by pastors, CEOs, infomercial producers, political reform concentration camp commanders, and cult leaders) video NOW.

Vaspers: "sitting still is doomsday" (3:54)