Tuesday, September 26, 2006

silent video manifesto

(1) Away with talk noise!

(2) No more audio clutter!

(3) Video purity is visual exclusivity.

(4) Video must be liberated from the constraints of sound.

(5) Silent video is the only true video.


Newsandseduction said...

Silence while mind travels at a great speed is what makes reading too so fascinating.

carrie said...

you're sort of an extremist and it's always one way or another. where's the grey area? ;-)

steven edward streight said...

Carrie: you know me better than anyone else online. You know how I can say one thing, but mean several things simultaneously.

Here's your clue.

When the early colonial pioneer churches in USA couldn't afford pianos, they made a dogmatic doctrine out of it: pianos are inappropriate inside a church, because pianos are found in saloons and brothels.

My audio configuration is all screwed up, seemingly. I can't get audio recorded on my webcam, which was receiving its audio signal from a separate computer microphone. I tried to reconfigure the audio settings to revert back to the webcam built-in mic, but that didn't work.

So, if I make any videos now, I will have no sound. Since my videos have no sound, I have to issue a creed that supports this lack, as though it were not a lack, but a boon, a correctness that is superior.

carrie said...

ah, I SEE! interesting.