Monday, September 11, 2006

real or scripted? VIDEO

[Flowers in photo above are real, from my garden today.]

LonelyGirl15 has been exposed as a fraud, according to some YouTubers. They say her whole story, told like a soap opera with a video series, is made up, just actors with scripts.

Some are profoundly disturbed to discover that the character whose every step was important to their own happiness, that this character is just that: a scripted, invented character. Some feel duped. Others feel dumped on. I just don't care.

I ask: how can you know, as you watch a video, that it's genuine? How can you tell if the emotions and statements are true? What are the clues that lead you to be suspicious? What dead giveaways mark a fake video?

Notice how Monkeyfemme lists the "attributes" of the unreal character: homeschooled, stays at home a lot, only one friend, father is mean to her, etc. Listen: she's not real--so neither are her personality traits or personal circumstances.

People can no longer separate real from unreal, actual from virtual, real feeling from play acting.

Vaspers: "real or scripted?" (2:40)

Monkeyfemme: "Re:lonelygirl15" (3:41)


carrie said...

your video is brilliant!

i think that this brings up the whole concept of "medium as message"

it reminds me of the issue with that Frey dude with his Million Little Pieces.

reality reality reality.

what IS it???????

is there ONE reality?

carrie said...

oh yeah.... pretty flowers, too.