Monday, September 11, 2006

Re: LonelyGirl15

"I have only one friend, homeschooled, hang out in my room alot, grounded a lot by a crabby father, who hates my only friend, my boyfriend Danielle," Bree informs us.

Who could possibly fall for such a tale? Too scripted sounding to be natural or actual. LonelyGirl15, the actress pretending to be Bree, was laughing at your emails of advice and consolation, rolling on the floor laughing at your YouTube comments under her videos.

YouTubers were duped by a Brand, a make believe theatrics, a video production company. LonelyGirl15: is she intimately unrealistically real enough to suspend our disbelief, to paralyze our critical thinking, to become Large?

Will LonelyGirl15 turn into a Hollywood blockbuster movie, or a new commercialized cult, with branded merchandise and cloned personas for sale?

Mass Deception of Emo Toys

Hundreds of thousands of YouTubers are crying over the spilled milk of human unkindness.

They were the emotional playthings of the PRODUCERS OF a fictional YouTube character called BY THE PRODUCERS "LonelyGirl15" and she stole the fickle, but hungry hearts of massive numbers of YouTubers.

The PRODUCERS of the fictional character vlogger named "Bree" (as in "breathe in my deceptive powers") also stirred up a controversy about this fictional character's "religion". The fictional "Bree" speaks non-descriptly, evasively (persecution complex) about her "religion" in a video about her dad's "mysterious conversation" with Daniel.

Some speculation exists about a picture on the wall of Bree's bedroom webcam studio.

LonelyGirl15 "Me, Religion, and Daniel"

YouTubers are depressed and disoriented. It's not easy for the soap opera followers to discover that the LonelyGirl15 show on YouTube was just that: a show, scripted for actors, produced by a whatever company. A HollowWood bluff. A trick, a scam, an emotional cliffhanger manipulating the gullibility and need-to-believe of its loyal, devoted audience.

Devoted audience? More like digital chumps, following a Viral Marketing Actress Zombie called Bree aka LonelyGirl15.

Digital Dupe Audience Dumping

The most glum evaluation of this Digital Dupe Audience Dumping is by neither Killer Bunny, 1938 Media, Geriatric 1929, Brooker, Ask a Ninja, Marcus Brown Pd, or Cutiemish. The best expression of the gestalt waltz is from Monkeyfemme: "I'm not sure how I feel exactly...many probably will continue following LonelyGirl15, but I won't."

I'm selling tee-shirts with "Emotional Toy of LonelyGirl15" emblazoned across them aggressively, like you dream of some kind of revenge.

Lonelygirl15 "A Change in My Life" (1:07)
creepy description of ceremony sh'es been ch'osen f'or.

If your "online friend" or "YouTube idol" turns out to really be totally unlike what is portrayed in chatroom, blog, forum, IM, BB, VPN, web conferencing, business VoIP, video chat...

...didn't your mother warn you that online means virtual means unreal, untrustworthy, suspicious, easy to pose and scam?

Here's what I [pretend to] have to say about this controversy spreading shock wave tremors through the vlogosphere, or at least that's what I think I saw in the video, right before the imaginary [restrained speech police] knocked me unconscious.

Vaspers: "Re: LonelyGirl15 is a FAKE" (5:07)


Canopenner said...

If only more people ran AOL chatbots then they would know not to trust anyone named "Lonelygirl15"

Its so obviously a hook to get "lonelyguy15s" interested.

And yes it is mean to laugh at peoples ignorance and naivety, but Ive done it countless times back in the 90's when some lonely guy would be trying to "pick up" my chat bot and I was reading the log, laughing my ass off. I dont really feel bad about it, but I dont do it anymore either...

I like to think Im more enlightened now. But odds are I just have a different self image than I had back then.

What I really want to know is why I cant comment on your blog without writing a novel about what im thinking.

steven edward streight said...

There were rumors that LonelyGirl15 was a chatbot, a program, a digital simulation embodiment transmitted by mental VPN darknet to warp the emos.

History is being written, and videocasted, in the midst of all this lucrative frenzy.

Xena Princess Warrior is now a country singer called Lucy Lawless, and she looks like someone else.

What is self now? Illusion only, whether scripted by production companies or scripted by the unconscious drives.

carrie said...


vaspers you are so trippy
but your video brings up really interesting ideas. you have such a unique way of expressing yourself.

great t-shirt idea!!!

i have LONG suspected that t.v. talkshow guests were actors! AND even the audience members! scripted & ad libbed scripted.

it's interesting how she uses this blase tone that a lot of youTubers use.