Monday, September 11, 2006

Re: bravesgirl5 "I'm done" video

bravesgirl5 is finished making video. and will not return until "YouTube becomes a better place". she quits due to negative comments. in other words, she can't handle Vlogocombat. she's "not used to" being flamed. where the hell has she been the past few decades?

YouTube is experiencing tremors from inauthentic vloggers and weak practitioners whose approval addiction cannot tolerate criticism or hate mail. toughen up everyone. it's only going to get worse. at least in the blogo/vlogosphere, we can still speak freely.

bravesgirl5: "I'm done" (1:58)


Kathryn said...

poor girl.

Ann Handley said...

...rolling my eyes...!

carrie said...

well.... youTube & the world should be kinder and gentler!!!!!

or not.

if we can remain detached from the opinions of others, that would be best. (not always easy, tho)