Friday, September 22, 2006

product placement VIDEO

The hot OLD trend right now, in ecommerce and blog monetization: using the buzzword "product placement".

Say it as often as possible, and you'll be successful overnight, AS YOU SLEEP.

Go to bed poor, wake up rich. Guaranteed.

To appear really clever, toss in digital effluvium, haptic immersive holographic embodiment projectors, dream record and playback units, compu-telepathy, multi hyper media blogging, web 0.0, scenic information routes, All User-generated Content business models, Get Rich Doing Next To Nothing, blog scorching, reciprocal commenting, blogocombat, Absolute Switched On User Empowerment, "your new money-making schedule is enclosed", dynamic sludge loops with increasingly weird returns, social media gridlock, vanishing edge technology, the Technological Imperative, "do not look into laser with remaining eye", Universal Content Utopia, video-commerce sequentials, glue vs. boomerang web design...and they'll think you've been hanging around Vaspers too much.

As an expert on such thingamajigs, I offer now my humble tutorial. I take all the mystery out of this exciting trend. Stop what you're undoing, and watch this life changing executive training film now.

Vaspers "product placement" (3:27)

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