Saturday, September 16, 2006

One Web Day: diversity, freedom, interaction

One Web Day is almost here: September 22, 2006.

Patterned after Earth Day, this event is a time for web users around the world to celebrate our unity, and to pause to consider how the web has enhanced our lives. The web is bringing us closer together and can be a great force for peace, understanding, and progress.

For the first time in human history, we all have access to the collective consciousness of mankind. Each of us can tap into an immense amount of information, both new and ancient. You can get data on almost any topic you can think of, and even better, you can add your voice to the web via blogs posts and comments, bulletin boards, chat rooms, discussion forums, wikis, and videoblogging.

For OneWebDay, why not consider posting something about how the web has affected your life, your business, or your family? What do you like most about the web and the new worlds it opens up to you? What web-enabled processes have benefited you at work, at home, at play?

I like the diversity of thought and opinion, the freedom of expression, and the interaction we have with each other, thanks to the web. I've learned a lot since I started exploring the web. In fact, my visits to the web got me so excited, I decided to study web usability and become a specialist in that field.

Then, within the web, I discovered blogging and came to love it. From blogging, I ventured into podcasting a little, but quickly advanced into videoblogging. To me, the fact that we can watch other people, and not just read their typed words, is truly astonishing. So my great love right now is videoblogging (posting video in a blog) and videocasting (distributing video via the web).

Think about it. Mark your calendar. Plan to celebrate OneWebDay in your own way.


Newsandseduction said...

Wish We soon have a bloggers day. What is written or posted on youtube is becoming a news in the newspapers nowadays.

steven edward streight said...

There is a Blog Day. I posted about it in 2005, but I missed it, forgot all about it this year.

Blog Day was not long ago.