Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mr. Angry thinks YouTubers are real people!

Mr. Angry, YouTube tag "angry aussie", is a bit confused. He complains that YouTube must fix the commenting functionality, so he can communicate more readily with other people.

What "other people"? Real people are not doing videos. All the characters are computer generated.

Comments from his vlog about YouTube comments needing to be fixed:


drackule (5 hours ago):

haha i feel ya on this one, sorry iv not been on youtube a lot lately, I just started working as a puller so im so sore i can hardly walk.. so iv been sleeping after work a lot.

darken999 (4 hours ago):

...your...retarded...I doubt your even australian.

AngryAussie (2 hours ago):

At least I know grammar and spelling, unlike you Captain Dickcheese. Your opinion on anything is of no interest to me, least of all my nationality.

vaspers (4 minutes ago):

The other people on YouTube are computer generated. We are all unreal. Sobering thought, huh? Apparently, you're the only real human vlogger in the whole site. We are vlogbots.

AngryAussie (3 minutes ago):

OK, now you're scaring me.

AngryAussie (2 minutes ago):

I haven't noticed significant problems with the videos. We got pretty new buttons now though, maybe there's some under the hood improvements too.

vaspers (11 seconds ago):

You said you wanted to have meaningful interactions with other people on YouTube. We are all vlogbots. Comments are not interactions with "other people". You converse with programs. As an IT guy, you should know that.

AngryAussie(7 hours ago):

Ohhhhh got it now. I want to exchange data then.

vaspers (10 seconds ago):

Good humachine. You will get your data "exchanged" for what is not valid, and you will then have less than you have now. This interaction is not personal, it is devoid of emotion and natural affection. Skin turns to steel. Face turns to pixels. Voice turns to bitstream.

AngryAussie (1 day ago):

I mentioned you're freaking me out, right?

vaspers (1/2 day ago):

LOL&LMAO: so freaked, you subscribed to my freaky trippy YouTube videos. Oh, Mr. Angry, you are quite a feller.


Angry Aussie (3 seconds ago):

You're like a drug Vaspers - I've given up using hallucinogens and you are now my gateway to a higher plane of understanding.

vaspers (ten nanoseconds ago):

"I'm not hooked on drugs, drugs are hooked on me." - Rialto the Inflatable Doldrum. Why not post a comment on one of my YouTube videos? Is there any that you like? You are one of my video role models, you know. CENTRAL PATTERN RECOGNITION AUTO-RESPONDER.



Nalts said...

Pick your auto-response to this post:

I hear what you're saying about YouTube.
Do you really feel like that?
Tell me more about your feeling about YouTube?
And why is that?
Can you elaborate?
So you say you feel (insertcomment$)?

steven edward streight said...

I personally humanly think that the YouTubers who decide to "act" as a scripted persona are not as effective as those who are being natural and authentic.

Exception is when the acting is really good and the scripting is great, but then you're watching a movie, not a video blog.

The idea of video blog is similar to regular text blog: be passionate, sincere, honest, candid, altruistic.

How is Revver doing? did you see my comment at BusinessWeek Blogspotting in the post about the interview with CEO of Revver?