Tuesday, September 05, 2006

magneticNorth insider site

magneticNorth is a web site for insiders. It incorporates a few net art eccentricities for a fashionable semi-dysfunctionality, seen from a usability viewpoint. Here, usability is demoted by art. The site retracts and repulses, not as emphatically as ada'web perhaps, but net artistic flair subsides to give place to exotic and intricate fare.

To interact with magneticNorth, a design company with major league clients like Disney, requires non-normative navigation in the manner of an easter egg hunt, creative clicking, chasing destinations and information through virtual obstacle courses and slouch channels.

Dive into the digital halls of the Manchester Metropolitan University

It takes me several clicks, I think their titles were: "Tour", "Go to Tour", "Enter Possibility of Tour", "Take Tour", "Start Tour", "Are You Quite Certain That You Wish To START TOUR NOW", "Go ahead and Begin Tour, I'm Ready and Angry at All the Clicks It Takes", before the video tour gets going.

It's a fast, pixelated, I/O focus zoom-through, with speed bumps in the form of tutorial pop-up info boxs with scroll capabilities, or close it out and continue speeding through the facilities until you reach another tutorial pop-up info box.

In the meNagerie, a musical keyboard lies hidden in the squares containing the staff photo bios. Hovering over a square activates a tone, sliding the cursor around the hot zone creates sound patterns of pleasing or disquieting effect.

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