Monday, September 18, 2006

Looney Girl 25

The only good thing about lonelygirl15 is the hateful, mocking, satirical anti-tributes, the cyber-punk videocombat backlash. "I haven't left my room since 1984" represents the insincere decepto-exploitation rampant in lonelygirl15. Here's a funny parody of LG15.

Paul Vato w/ Sarah Norton:
"LooneyGirl25" (2:07)


carrie said...

that was rad

Jecklin said...

LG15 old news, but found this on a blog I keep an eye on:

"As we talk about the “new art form” or “participatory culture” aspects of this project, I want to be very careful that we don’t fetishize the participation aspects of this experience that was had by a very few who may have intelligently, passionately and seriously investigated and responded to the texts and the media objects. I want instead to think about the mainstream experience of and participation in this project and the success of the platform provided for engagement."